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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Weekly topic of the week: Games

Ok, so the weekly topic is games!
Now, im a 90's kid and i spent my gaming youth playing the SNES, N64 and the original Xbox. games that stood out most to me (you probably guessed it) was the Super Mario Brothers series and all other SMb related games back then when Nintendo were considered the best developers in the industry. i don't know or remember why, but i just loved them. And then Microsoft jumped into the bandwagon of console gaming and that's pretty much how i spent the rest of my days until i got bored or were busy with middle school work. of playing Halo, GTA:SA. this was probably around the time that pokemon and other gameboy games became popular and were the lunchtime playground cool kids corner, because for us trading pokemon and battling them was pretty serious business! when i finished around middle school time i had since moved house and gave my original xbox and games to my sister as this was when the 360 first came out (you know its kinda strange saying that only being 3 or so years) or actually, i got mine just as they released the jasper chip for all xboxes apparently killing the "RROD" (its still alive to this day) which is why i get so mad when ps3 fanboys cry about 360's RRODying even though they most likely don't any more since like 2 years ago and the new one with built in wireless from last year i think. /On-topic (don't get me started on XB v ps3 thats another post) So basically wrapping it up my first 360 game was halo 3. im currently playing Gta iv for pc, halo reach, forza 3, sims 3 for pc and thats pretty much all. (again, review and stuff in another post i think im dragging it a little far now so: ) Thanks very much for reading pretty much my life story ahaha! next post will probably be reviews or something! vote in comments section now! bye and again thanks for reading :]


  1. Nothing beats a goold ol' SNES.

  2. Brings back memories (90's kid here)

  3. i have a original pre-jasper 360 and it didn't die yet.
    could you please disable cpatcha?

  4. Kind of lack the time for a serious console. We never had one at home either (except a pong-machine) so I used to play (S)NES and Sega at friends.

  5. i started up on the N64 as my first console. never played a S(NES) before.

    good quality stuff! i'll be reading more often ;)