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Sunday, 10 April 2011

/Restart, A thank you to my followers also, Crysis 2

Its been too long and i swear im not being lazy! im very busy finishing college and sorting my stuff out because im moving in with a good friend of mine pretty soon so wish me the best of luck for getting a pass this year and hope it wasnt a total waste haha. but after the 2 week holiday I may  have to slow this down again to a once a week update thing. i dont know i'll just see what happens. A big thanks to you guys still subbed to me =] it gave me more reason to post this i guess so yeah, Thanks!

So during the very little free time i had ive played and now completed Crysis 2 (PC) and i must say it is the most beautiful game Graphically I've ever played so far (even set on its lowest setting which was high). Game play wise it almost feels aimed towards call of duty fans with quite similar multi-player features such as kill streak awards but which you have to collect 'tags' from the body of those you have killed to gain the award. something like that anyway. 
*Tuesday UPDATE* So campaign wise i think the game starts a tad slowly for those who just want to shoot things and or blow them up, but it was kinda confusing for me having not played the first game (which i will make sure to do at some point) because [/Light spoilers ahead, maybe] the first time i encountered the armoured aliens (or 'squid' as dubbed by some of the characters) being completely oblivious to some of the in game radio broadcasts which I discovered on a second play through, I mistook them for government robots (for some reason, i don't know, maybe my screen was dark haha) and as a result I died many times wondering what I did wrong. as naturally i was thinking if i leave them alone they should leave me alone right? wrong! anyway by the time I realised you can kill them i was at the point where you first meet the heavy weapons and red armour guys of the bunch and hell they were difficult to kill... the heavy, even on EASY could take 3-4 rockets to die. I haven't tried sniping them because there heads are quite small
 so I didn't bother thinking the armour will probably take a load of bullets that I obsessively try to keep full at all times, even though i always use them up within a rather small time. [TBC]

Crysis 2 in slow motion really capturing the detail put into this game
I'm currently in the process of making a video like this, feel free to drop song choice recommendations bellow